First class auto electrical services in Wagga Wagga

Auto electrical services

Because electrical problems can be tricky, Crockers Auto Electrical Service's in Wagga Wagga use only highly trained technicians. If someone has told you that you really have an electrical problem Crockers is the place to go.


We don't think there is anything auto electrical we can't fix, and fix fast, thereby making it less expensive in the long run.  Don't settle for someone who scratches their head over electrical problems, Benefit from our quality and professional solutions and give us a call now.


Crockers Auto Electrical Service has state of the art technology and qualified auto electricians to read and interpret any electrical problem. 

Don't be late for anything any more.  Yes, we can fix it once we diagnose the real problem.  If you want to know what the problem is. Crockers Auto Electrical Service can supply the answers quicly and fix it even faster.

There is no guess work with our services, just us working as a team with fabulous technology.


If you require electrical services in Wagga Wagga for diagnostic and repair work, we can help you.

However, if you have other auto electrical services that you require for your own comfort and pleasure, we can install these items so that there are never any glitches.

When working with the electrics on your vehicle, Crockers Auto Electrical Service believes you should always use a professional fully licensed technician to acheive a perfect outcome.


As well as having great accessories fitted to your vehicle, Crockers Auto Electrical Services also has all your auto electrical repair needs covered! Whether you need lights repaired, alternator or starter motor repaired or replaced, our qualified auto electricians can help. Our staff will take the time to explain what they are doing, why, and if applicable, how you can prevent the problem from happening again. We provide high class electrical services in Wagga Wagga.